the bunbuns.

spring is finally coming, flowers are starting to bloom and the bunbuns are waking up out of their hibernation.

since they are spreading like wildfire as bunnies naturally do in the spring-time i am able to offer you your own bunbuns, just click on the pic below and download the blue version and give them a new home. just take them out into your garden or a park every once in a while, that will make them happy.

if you spot one, please make sure to take a picture and hashtag it #thebunbuns as i would love to find out where they found their new home.
and for those of you, who want to build their own color-way or even make a custom version of the bunbun, i also have a blank DIY-version for you. just click on the following picture and download the file.

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#ACactusADay – Daily Instagram Drawing Challenge

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-06 um 01.04.07

247 days, 5 sketchbooks, 4 canvas and counting..

at the beginning of this year i imposed a challenge on myself to draw one cactus every day this year. so far i succeeded in doing that (just twice i was a few hours late ^__^).

here are a few impressions of what i am doing there.
if you want to be kept updated, follow either my instagram-account here (nick_knite) or my facebook page here.

surprise! – #MonsterMonday

every 50th drawing i am doing a give-away challenge and a chance to win the drawing on a canvas.

son gokutus – from a week of dragon ball tributes

tiggertus – from a week of winnie the pooh tributes

marvin – tribute to a hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

peace, yo! – #MonsterMonday

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Nick Knite – Funk Food Podcast ep.60

here’s my latest podcast episode, this time as a soundcloud-link.
due to the server-move itunes took my podcast down and i have to figure out on how to get the mixtapes back there somehow or start up a new one.. *sigh*

i hope you will enjoy this latest blend of deep and underground cuts and sorry for the lack of updates and the missing sounds. now, enjoy and #spreadthefunk!

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my server moved and we are working on bringing all the content, the papertoys and the podcast back online as soon as possible. but i have to rely on someone to help me with it, and he seems to be very busy.

please be patient, all we be back hopefully soon!

thank you!

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Lacoste x Kidrobot

Just found that one on Sneaker Freaker:


Kidrobot and Lacoste have teamed up to create a ‘capsule’ of sneakers due for release in November 2007. Production is capped to 500 pairs and each model comes with its very own customized ‘PEECOL’ toy created by eBoy and Kidrobot.“
(for more info on that go here)


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Nick Knite – Cologne Nights

Made a new one!
This time I used only CDs, it was like the second time mixing with CDs, usually I am hooked on Vinyl!
Plus, I didn’t know the tunes, I just used, what my good friend, the one and only Till West layed out in front of me.
So please don’t be too hard on me.. 😉

a knite in cologne

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The Dunny Factory

Just found this on TOYSREVIL,
a first glimpse at the figures of the Series 4 „in action“.. 😉

Lovin‘ it big time!
created by ReBo Labs = check the hi-res QT-video here

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DUNNY – Series 4

Can’t wait for them to hit the shelves here in Germany..


Kidrobot has this to say about the new series:
Dunny Series 4 is rockin‘ the block with it’s greatest assortment of artists yet. That isn’t to say the first three series weren’t great, it’s just that this one is going to blow your minds!

The artist for this round include Mist, Jon Burgerman, MAD, Frank Kozik and Gary Baseman.
Dunny Series 4 will be available on Thursday, September 27th at 11am EST, here in Germany probably during the first week of October. If you live anywhere near Düsseldorf, you will find your Dunny along other cool stuff here at Jues!

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SIZZA – mike die custom

Got a new custom joining the SIZZA-Army!
This time the incredible New York City-based Graff Artist and Spaceship Designer MIKE DIE came up with RoboSIZZA!


roboSIZZA by Mike Die

If you should be interested in doing a custom version of SIZZA yourself, just let me know – just drop a comment and I’ll hook you up! 😉

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tokidoki store in Milan


The first tokidoki store opened in Milan, Italy on September 12, 2007.
If you plan on visiting Milan make sure to stop by this shop, it’s got all the goods created by Simone Legno.

You can find the store here: di Porta Ticinese 62
20123 Milano


Keep looking out for his stuff, because future collaborations for 2008 will include Hello Kitty and Onitsuka Tiger..
quite busy, the man! 😉

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