the bunbuns. – #EverybodyBoogieNow Edition

the current situation really is no fun, so the amazing BOOGIE came up with a great idea and Quarantime-Killer and thing to do, he started publishing blank sketches from some of the world’s best graffiti artists for you to print out and color yourself or with your kids. And we also added a blank version of my bunbun. design to the mix, which you can also download on his page or here alongside all the other amazing blank versions of styles, characters and everything else – EveryBodyBoogieNow

On my Instagram i was already sent some really nice colorful versions of the boogiebunbun, here are some of them.
(if you have done something with it, i would love to see it too, please show me! :))

bunbun by Alessio Colzani (@colzanialessio)
bunbun by Zoé (@zekwer)
bunbun by Zoé (@zekwer)
bunbun by Emy (@zekwer)
bunbun by Pendt (@pendt92)
bunbuns by Back Rvn (@backrvn)
bunbuns by ITP Studios (@itpstudios)