P.T. Vender – a Foldskool Hero Custom

i finally finished my custom design for Marshall Alexanders amazing papertoy-template, the FOLDSKOOL HERO!
I call this version P.T. Vender! P.T. as in papertoy.. (;

you can get this one on Marshalls Artist-page here: wa-bamm!


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II Love Mag – Issue 3

and here it is:
the third issue of Marko Zubaks papertoy and othe goodies pdf-mag, ready for download!
(just click on the pic to get to the download-page)


this issue features interviews and toys by Dolly Oblong, Shin Tanaka, Harlancore and me.. (:
get it here and i even enclosed my latest SIZZA-creation, stealthSIZZA!


stealthSIZZAby NICK KNITE 290

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Nick Knite – ‘remember the summer’ Mixtape

remember the summer

here is my new, deep and funky mixtape for the month of october. hope you’ll enjoy this blend of deep and underground house tunes. just the right type of sounds to get you back into the spirit of those long and warm summer nights..
at least i hope! (;

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SIZZA and Co. – Meet the family

Just a quick post to show you the paper-family thus far.
Here is the link to my Flickr-Album showing the customs done for me and done by me..
go check it out!

the fam

..and it keeps on growing! (:

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Nick Knite – ‘lost in memories’ Mixtape


just coming back from my first surfing-vacation, i’m already feeling the sadness kick in..
but enough of that..here is my mixtape for the month of september. hope you will like and enjoy this blend
of deep and underground house sounds!
hope, you had a great summer and hopefully we will get some nice fall days and the sun shows itself again and again..and again!
see and hear you next month..! (:

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URBAN PAPER expo in arnhem.

it was a blast!

the opening of the show and setting the whole thing up was such a nice event. meeting all the dutch artists in the book plus the, if there will be a 2nd edition, future participant Dolly Oblong was a treat. these people were so nice..and humble! great day, great evening with all of you!
nice to have finally met the faces behind the amazing creations. it was also amazing to see some of Matts creations in real life, especially ARNIE..wow!!

i brought along my newest paper creation, his name is MechaBunny. i already have some very nice people who signed up for a custom and even got two done by Scott Schaller..truly amazing!! but i will hold him back until i get the first wave of the MECHA6 ready!

mechabunny1 mechabunny2 mechabunny3

and here are some pics of the show and toys and more on my Flickr..

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URBAN PAPER book launch & paper toy art show

Urban Paper
Book launch & Paper Toy Art Show

Expo: 01.08.09 – 30.08.09
Opening: Saturday 01.08.09
Lecture: Friday 21.08.09

Hommelstraat 65
6828 AJ Arnhem
The Netherlands


Meet the dutch artists (Sjors Trimbach, 3EyedBear, E440, Marshall Alexander, LouLou, Illectronics and [mck] )
and …. perhaps an visitor from the USA?

I will be there, too! Sure don’t want to miss that, and i will bring along some paper-friends!
..and maybe even a new one! (:

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Nick Knite – ‘chasin’ the clouds away’ Mixtape


chasin’ the clouds away – mixtape

hopefully this will help..! here the summer is just looking through the clouds from time to time and the rain just stops to let some rays of sunlight through so we don’t forget that there still is a sun..
this time, i blended some new deep and underground house tunes with a couple of old but still very groovy and nice tunes from the late nineties.. you will see..err, i mean hear.. (; (thanks to Shur-I-Kan for the inspiration for the Intro..)

thanks so much to vinnie aka Sakura Koi, for the lovely picture!
you can see more of her beautiful and gorgeous photographs on her Flickr-Account: here!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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SIZZA – Sal Azad custom

cute sizza

After his first awesome custom of KUJIRA, SAL AZAD sent me a new custom of SIZZA, he calls it cute-SIZZA and i think, the name is very fitting!
thank you so much again to my indonesian paperfriend, great job again!!
also check the links below for more of Sal and his amazing papercustoms..

cute-SIZZAby SAL AZAD 825

more SAL:

home: http://salazad.com/smile/
npt: http://www.nicepapertoys.com/profile/SalAzad
twitter: http://twitter.com/smilesalazad
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Fai-SalAzad/670953240

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DUB FX – the one man live band..

i absolutely love his stuff..!
a friend send me this link yesterday and ever since then, i am totally stoked about his sound..

check it and spread it further, a street-musician with hit-potential!!
more of him:
Home // http://www.dubfx.net/
Myspace // http://www.myspace.com/dubafex
and loads of youtube links of him around the world..
what a talented ‘rude boy’..!

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KUJIRA – Bryan Rollins KUSTOM

Behold the ancient Aztec Warrior!!
kujiquetzal by bryan rollins

bryan send me this amazing custom design of KUJIRA. he played around with the form, so it got this awesome new look; reminds me somehow of the ancient mexican sculptures and the ones on the easter islands.. love the colors, too!
this one is a bit tricky to build, but it’s well worth the effort!!
thank you so much for that, bryan!
kujiquetzal by bryan rollins

get his custom alongside the other KUJIRAs on her own page..here!
find more of bryans creations on his blog, his NPT-profile and follow him on twitter.

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Watch out Tokidoki, you got nothing on this..! (:
kujira - olla1

jessie aka OLLA BOKU blessed me with another amazingly cute little custom design.
she did an amazing job working on KUJIRA, this design is so cute and sweet, i want to take a bite out of her!!

kujira - olla2
get her custom design on KUJIRAs own page, here!
and for some more infos on the amazing artist behind the custom, check out her interview on spanky stokes..here!

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