MechaBunny – new customs

more MechaBunny-madness coming your way!!

the very talented Alexis Huret aka KEKLI just did two amazing versions of the MBun-template and released them on his own homepage. and what cool customs he did!! they even tell a story..

this is what alexis says about his idea:

So the little story behind them is that we got “myxomatosis” on the one side, who hates and kills the boyos (my own character), and a boyo on the other side hiding in a bunny suit!

you can now download the two versions here:
“Boyo in a rabbit suit”:

i also did a very special custom version of my own MechaBun. this one was for my favorite toy-blogger, mr. “TOYSREVIL” Andy Heng! he asked me to do a custom for the new year of the rabbit and also for the sixth birthday of his blog and i gladly obliged.

you can find the download on the TRE-blog, here:

..and please make sure, you take some pictures of your papertoys and share them with us! it is a really nice reward to see them interact with your life! ^^

and one more thing: if you are interested in trying a design on one of my toys (MechaBunny, SIZZA, Kujira) make sure to drop me a mail or write a comment with your email-address, i am collecting new customs for the next series again..

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  1. Posted September 9, 2011 at 11:46 pm | Permalink

    Hey Nick, would love to join the party and submit my custom for MechaBunny, Sizza, and Kujira. Want to do a theme for all 3, would you please send me the blanks? Thank you so much. and I LOVE the K1X, how do I get my hands on it?

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