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CBC – “Cactus Boxing Club”

IMG_9574.JPG last weekend, my friend and CactusClan-Collaborateur Marten painted a new mural together named the “Cactus Boxing Club“! in it we made a cactus tribute to Rocky III and cactified the main characters of the movie, Sly Stallone …

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ZombieTus and muMBBY – new HalloweenClan-Members


Happy Halloween!

it’s that time of the year again.. scary things keep popping up out of nowhere.
this year not one, but two creepy creatures suddenly appeared and have made themselves at home here.
i kinda suspect Ghostus and Señor

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Chuck the cactUSB.

Heeeeere’s Chucky!!

Meet Chuck, the newest member of the #cactusclan!
His superpower is that he can store up to 8GB of data and keep them safely for you!

Limited to 100 pieces, he comes boxed, numbered and with some …

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shove it! – Deck 2


the roster has been updated! more decks by more amazing artists and also a second deck by myself! this time one of the #cactusclan members hopped on a deck and is doing a handplant (..get it, hand”plant” – cactus? …

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#cactusclan stickers.


Stick’em up!

the #cactusclan stickers are now here and finally available in my shop. so if you need some cactus love in your life, head on over there and get yourself a pack..

and check out the amazing pics …

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Ghostus and Señor Zapallo – Spiky Halloween..!


happy halloween everybody!
my home is haunted..!! just a couple of days ago i started to notice strange shadows moving around. at first just from time to time, but then Señor Zapallo started to call out to it and he …

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Chester and Gunther – new Cactus Clan members


Meet Chester and Gunther!
They are the newest members of the Cactus Clan and are now available in the funk food store!

Here’s Chester!
This happy member of the Clan has just returned from a holiday in the …

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Cactus Trooper – Merrci’s Trooper Tribüte!

it’s TROOPER-TIME again!
this time the uber-talented Merrci put his hand on my tribüte teddy troop design and gave it his own spin – and put some flowery design on him. really turned out fantastic i think! now you can …

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Nick Knite Papertoy Gallery.


to make life a little simpler, i have created a tumblr-site where you can now easily access, find and download all of my papertoys, their customs and my customs of other artists toys – all in one place and on …

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señor zapallo – the halloween pumpkincactus


meet señor zapallo!

señor zapallo is a little crossbreed-experiment gone horribly wrong..
a mad spanish gardener by the name of pablo thought it was a great idea to mix the genes of a cactus with those of a pumpkin. he …

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Cactus Trooper – my Teddy Troops tribüte!



this is the second release of my cactus-tribute series, this time i made a cactus-version of the amazingly awesome Teddy Troops by Flying Förtress!
he already made a blogpost on his website about it and gave …

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Cactus Ninja – my ninjatown-tribute is online!

Ninja Cactus

as a ninjatown-fan and passionate “trees of doom“-player the idea sprung to my head to do another custom design of my papertoy-cactus friend.
and luckily enough, shawn, the mastermind behind ninjatown did like my idea and has …

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