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GORILLAZ INVASION – MechaBunny and MBBY mini-series by SevenLab

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Meet the GORILLAZ gang!
Sergio Neves aka SevenLab, who already submitted a cool custom for the last MechaBunny series has done it again. He created a new and improved version of his MechaBeast and added some MBBYs …

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ZombieTus and muMBBY – new HalloweenClan-Members


Happy Halloween!

it’s that time of the year again.. scary things keep popping up out of nowhere.
this year not one, but two creepy creatures suddenly appeared and have made themselves at home here.
i kinda suspect Ghostus and Señor

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MBBY #02


MBBY #02 – black/yellow-edition.
download-link: click

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MBBY – Grumpy Buns custom by ABZ

ABZ surprised me with this amazing custom design of my MBBY paper creation. i never intended to get customs done for this one, so i was even more (pleasantly) surprised, when i received this amazing piece of art! i love …

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MechaBunny – Mecha6.5 +1


Happy Easter everybody
and it’s that MBun-season again!!

it’s been quite a while, but finally i can bring you a fresh new batch of cute little MBunnies. 6 fresh ideas and new approaches to designing the little hare. it still …

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Nick Knite Papertoy Gallery.


to make life a little simpler, i have created a tumblr-site where you can now easily access, find and download all of my papertoys, their customs and my customs of other artists toys – all in one place and on …

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MechaBunny – got wood? by Stellan Erikzen Hermond


wooden MechaBunny – done and customized by Stellan Erikzen Hermond

Stellan has done me the huge favor of making a wooden version of the MechaBunny, so now I have another material for the mbun I can scratch off the …

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MechaBunny – Lepus Gigantus


a couple of weeks of planning,
a month of building,
28 sheets of din a1-sized cardboard,
two tubes of glue,
two rolls of tape
and the usual instruments..
now i am proud to present you MegaBunny (Lepus Gigantus)!…

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MechaBunny – ‘slice me nice’ edition by Dan Watson


Dan Watson has done another “custom” of my MechaBunny! this time not so much a design, but a fantastic looking highly ventilated version of him.. love the idea and the clean look it has to it.

here are his instructions:…

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MechaBunny – Mecha6.4


it’s MBun-time again!!

i present you the newest members of the family, the brand new Mecha6.
i am still amazed about the many different ways the bunnies
can be made to look awesome!
this time around there are again …

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The Funk Food Trifecta – customs by baykiddead


MechaBunny, Kujira and SIZZA – all customized by mr. baykiddead!

love baykiddead‘s idea of doing a ‘trifecta’ – a custom of each of my open for customization papertoy-designs. his pattern really works on all of them and each one …

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MechaBunny – exclusive custom for K1X NYC pop-up store


K1X – german based basketball and streetwear label are today opening a pop-up store in the heart of NYC. and they took along some limited printed out, numbered and signed MechaBunnies! along those already published mbuns is one brand new …

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