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Paper Robots – they are coming!!

paper robots

finally! after months of preparation, planning, designing, writing and coordinating, h.f.ullmann and i can now very proudly announce the coming of the PAPER ROBOTS!!

15 awesome artists, 25 amazing robot-designs from all around the globe!
and now the …

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Chuck the cactUSB.

Heeeeere’s Chucky!!

Meet Chuck, the newest member of the #cactusclan!
His superpower is that he can store up to 8GB of data and keep them safely for you!

Limited to 100 pieces, he comes boxed, numbered and with some …

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#cactusclan stickers.


Stick’em up!

the #cactusclan stickers are now here and finally available in my shop. so if you need some cactus love in your life, head on over there and get yourself a pack..

and check out the amazing pics …

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the Nice Paper Toys-Forum has now an official mascot! ..and now you can
download him right there!
go to and download him and become a member and
always be up-to-date in the world of papertoys!


click on the …

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BANKSY x The Simpsons



Famous urban-artist BANKSY teamed up with the Simpsons Crew to produce this Intro-Video which aired yesterday in the US.. Kinda cool, but also kinda depressing to watch..

(via Hypebeast)
The United Kingdom’s favorite artist vandal, Banksy storyboards and directs

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Amazing new papertoy by [MCK] – Revolvrr



Matthijs aka [MCK] released my favorite papertoy of the year! i already had the pleasure to
feast my eyes on it when i was at the event in amsterdam and i kept on nagging him to finally
show it to …

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ravin’ MBuns



i was asked to do a canvas for this years loveparade and i drew these little happy raving MBuns alongside BERTone, who did a portait of Dr. Motte..

little did we know as to what would happen during the …

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Daft Punk Helmet – selfmade


this is just awesome, 17 months in the making and well-worth every one of the 749 steps!
this guy has build himself his own daft punk helmet and has documented it in this video:

this is harrison’s blog-page:

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ABC Urban Arts Festival Amsterdam


Saturday June 26 all summer-afternoon 3Eyedbear and his friends from StraatPapierHollandKlik will give acte de présence at the ABC Urban Arts Festival at the Spui-square in Amsterdam. Together with Matthijs -Grumm- Kamstra, 3Eyedbear will give a workshop and sign …

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STROKE.02 in Munich


I am in munich right now and checking out the amazing graff and street art fair called Stroke!
it is really awesome to get all this input and meeting so many nice and totally gifted time you need …

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Calligraffiti – Niels “SHOE” Meulman

this guy has style written all over!

some of SHOEs works can now be seen in my hometown Essen, as part of the Concrete Playground Exhibition that will grow until September at Zeche Zollverein..

he has also put out …

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PHIL – hiding behind an iron mask..

this is just too cool, i just had to blog it also. Phil from Italy, well-known for his amazing paper-sneakers has appearently also made himself an Iron Man mask..just too dope!!

link here: KA-POOOW!

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